Database of Protein interaction SITEs

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PiSITE is a web-based database of protein interaction sites. The PiSITE provides not only information of interaction sites of a protein from single PDB entry, but also information of interaction sites of a protein from multiple PDB entries including similar proteins. In the PiSITE, The identification of the binding sites of protein chains is performed by searching the same proteins with different binding states in PDB at first, and then mapping those binding sites onto the query proteins.

System Requirement

Visualization of interaction site is performed by a Java applet, 'jV'. The jV applet requires JAVA Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6 or later. Generally, JRE is installed by default or web-browsers automatically start to download JRE, if JRE is not installed. If there is some trouble, users can also install JRE by manually.

The jV applet draws graphics using 3D library, JOGL (Java binding for OpenGL). Java applet and required libraries are automatically downloaded. If you have trouble viewing molecules with jV, please refer to its help page.


PiSite: a database of protein interaction sites using multiple binding states in the PDB,
Miho Higurashi, Takashi Ishida and Kengo Kinoshita, Nucleic Acids Research 2009 37(Database issue):D360-D364