Statistics of PiSITE

This version of PiSITE is based on the biological unit provided by RCSB Protein Data Bank as of January 2019.

This database contains protein-protein interaction data for retrieved from

Distributions of protein-protein interactions

Distributions of protein-protein interactions in PiSITE were calculated from two datasets. The one is an 'all' dataset, including all protein chains in the PiSITE. The another is a 'nr (non-redundant)' dataset, including 22,654 protein chains with sequence identities < 30%. The list of non-redundant dataset can be obtained here. All graphs are for nr dataset.

Distributions of the number of binding states

Download: all, nr

Distributions of the number of binding partners

Download: all, nr

Amino acid frequency in the protein-protein interfaces

Amino acid occurrence of interacting residues

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